About Us

We pride ourselves in our high quality products.

As collectors ourselves, we understand the value in the models and the importance of quality. Our products are the ideal collectibles not just because of its details and quality, it can be openly displayed for all to admire. We strive to use the best available parts to accurate represent the model, and continously seek to improve on the model right to its finest details. Beyond our models’ attractive appearance and social significance, we believe the models are of a value investment as they are able to rekindle fond memories and increase in value by each passing year.

Not only do we make our own models, we are also a dealer for Thomas Gunn Miniatures, RAI's / CAR-NEL / Islands and Hobby Master.  We are also the official distributor for Singapore of Thomas Gunn Miniatures.

Masterpiece Collectibles was founded in early 2000. We are first and foremost, collectors ourselves with a passion for scale models. Our founder is a passionate collector, and like many of us, had a strong desire to own something that represented Singapore. Looking around, he saw models of many other countries, but why were there none of Singapore? When he wanted a certain model of Singapore, we realised that nobody was producing these models. When some company decided to release something in our livery, you see how everyone is so excited to purchase it. Our founder was  thus convinced that there will certainly be others like him who also wants to collect models representing our home, Singapore. Hence, Masterpiece Collectibles was born and he decided to venture into making these models. 

Masterpiece Collectibles started off with a few small releases once a year. But fast forward to today, we feel heartened that we have been able to step up on our releases and have been able to create many more models of Singapore.

Our vision is simple. We hope that one day, everyone can own a model that represents Singapore.

1. Where are you located?
Please refer to our Contact Us page.

2. I do not want to pay for shipping. Can I self-collect my online orders?
We currently do not offer the option of self-collecting your online orders. We do not keep stock at our office so you will not be able to go there to collect. We do not do meetups either. The only exception is for pre-orders where collection will be at our office in Golden Mile Complex.

3. Can I negotiate the price, or get a discount?
Just like how you do not walk into a department store to ask for a discount, please do not ask us whether our prices are negotiable. They are all at fixed price.

4. Why are your products so expensive? I can buy similar items from overseas at cheaper prices.
Unfortunately, we can only produce small quantities at a time whereas big companies which produce thousands or models to offset their initial tooling cost, and enjoy economies of scale. In order for us to remain sustainable, we produce our models in resin. However, as each individual part is cast out and assembled by hand, the cost of producing each model shoots up and can cost three to four times more than a die-cast model. Factor in labour and shipping costs and we are faced with three-figure cost prices for our models.

5. What is resin? Why don't you make your models in metal diecast?
Resin (树脂)  is a natural or synthetic compound that begins in a highly viscous state and hardens with treatment. It is an organic material. The tooling and moulding required to produce one diecast model can typical range up to US$100,000 and above. This means we will have to produce hundreds, if not thousands of the same model to spread out the cost. Unfortunately, we do not have the customer base to produce such numbers. Instead, the tooling and moulding for a resin model is more affordable for small quantity releases, and allows for finer and more intricate details. We acknowledge that there are certainly many advantages that a die-cast model has over our resin ones, but without the large customer base that international companies have, it is simply unsustainable for us to head down that path.


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Our models are artistic impressions of the vehicles used by the various emergency forces. We are not affiliated to any governmental organisation (such as the Singapore Police Force or Singapore Civil Defence Force) nor do we claim to represent any through the sale of our products